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Conditions - Obesity

Obesity is recognized as a serious medical illness. The causes of obesity are complex and not simply a consequence of eating too much. Obesity is contributed to by genetic factors, how efficient your metabolism is at turning food into energy, environmental factors, psychological factors and most importantly your eating and exercise habits. We recognize obesity as a chronic illness that requires expert medical advice. Surgery should not be the first line treatment and most people who consider surgery have tried many other ways to lose weight. Surgery is now proven to be the most effective form of weight loss for patients who are very overweight.

Use our online BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator for an indication of your healthy weight range.

There are major health risks associated with obesity including an overall shorter life expectancy and an increased risk of dying prematurely. Obesity is a specific risk factor for illnesses such as:
- Type II diabetes
- High blood pressure
- Obstructive sleep apnoea
- Arthritis
- Heart disease
- Incontinence
- Decreased fertility and pregnancy complications
- Psychological problems such as depression, discrimination and social isolation

There are three common weight loss operations performed in Australia today.
- Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band
- Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy
- Laparoscopic roux-en-Y bypass

Your doctor will discuss these options with you. Not every patient will be suitable for each operation. Careful history taking, examination and personal preference will be relevant in making the correct choice.

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